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Heavyweight. Our most popular pattern, attractively designed to work with any dinner decor. All pieces are stainless steel with a graded 18% chrome content to ensure quality–resist rust, corrosion and tarnish.

  • Constructed of an 18/0 stainless steel
  • Heavyweight
  • Vibro finish
  • Sold and priced by the dozen

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Flatware Details


  • Part of most traditional place settings
  • Wide variety of uses - for coffee, tea, desserts, cereal and soup

Bouillon Spoon

  • Has a round bowl
  • Type of soup spoon

Dinner (Table) Spoon

  • Resembles a traditional teaspoon in shape, but is much larger

Iced Tea Spoon

  • Ideal for stirring tall drinks, milkshakes and root beer floats
  • Typically has a long, thin handle and a small, oval-shaped bowl

Salad Fork

  • Smaller than a traditional dinner fork
  • Most often used for eating salads or smaller items such as sliced fruit

Dinner Fork

  • All-purpose
  • Part of traditional place settings

Dinner Knife

  • Larger than a butter knife
  • Moderate serration for cutting prepared foods


  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Chrome Content 18%
  • Nickel Content 0%
  • Weight Heavy
  • Finish Vibro
  • Pattern Embossed floral embellishments with a single motif at the handle tip

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