Key Blanks & Key Cutters

4 Products
4 Products
  • Standard Key Blanks

    Standard Brass Key Blanks

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  • Metal Split Rings - 100/pk.

    Metal Split Rings - Pack of 100

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  • Automatic / Manual Key Cutter

    Automatic / Manual Key Cutter

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  • Manual Key Cutter

    Manual Key Cutter

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Nothing is more stressful than realizing that you're in need of more keys but you can't reach a locksmith. If you're tired of late-night trips to big-box hardware stores, it's time for your business to invest in a key cutting machine. With a commercial key cutter and a supply of blank keys, you can quickly and easily make your own room keys.

Our key cutting machines are easy to operate and safe to use. National Hospitality Supply also sells standard key blanks and hotel key blanks in a variety of styles. Your business will save time and money once your maintenance department is equipped with a professional key cutter.

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