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Disposable vacuum cleaner bags for Hoover® Upright, Spirit Canister, PortaPower, Swingette models and more. Choose from Type "A", "K" or "N". See Additional Details below for more information regarding models that each bag will work with.

Additional Details

    • Type A Bag - 4010001A: Designed to fit any Hoover vacuum that takes the Type "A" bag. Will also fit some other brands and models.
    • Type K Bag - 4010028K: Fits all Hoover Canister cleaners using type "K" bags.
    • Type N Bag - 4010038N: Fits Compact Canisters

Type A Bag - 4010001A
    • Compatible with: Commercial Lightweight Upright Vacuums
    • Fits Bissell Models: Style 2, HEMS1, Singer Sub-3
    • Fits Kenmore Models: 5037, 50378
    • Fits Hoover Models: Concept One, Concept Two, Conquest Convertible, Decade, Elite, Encore, Futura, Guardsman, Innovation, Legacy, Preferred, PowerMax, RS, Runabout, Soft & Light, Spectrum, Spirit, Supremacy, Tempo, TurboPower
    • Fits Model Numbers: C1403, C1404, C1411, C1412, C1413, C1414, C1431, C1631
    • Number of Bags per Pack: 3

Type K Bag - 4010028K
    • Compatible with: All Hoover canister style cleaners
    • Fits Hoover Models: Encore, Runabout, Spirit, Supremacy
    • Fits Model Numbers: C2075, S3410
    • Number of Bags per Pack: 3

Type N Bag - 4010038N
  • Compatible with: Hoover Compact Canisters
  • Fits Hoover Models: PortaPower, Swingette
  • Fits Model Numbers: S7065, C2094, CH3000
  • Number of Bags per Pack: 5

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