Custom Imprinted 3.5" Keytags

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Imprinted tags complete with 3 lines of text (hot stamped name, address, room number) and postage guarantee. NOTE: Due to space limitations for the postage guarantee symbol, we are unable to print phone numbers on key tags where the postage guarantee has been included. Metal c-link is no longer included with each key tag but split rings can be purchased separately in packs of 100. Key Tag Size: 3.5"L x 1.75"W x 1/8" thick.

Pricing shown is for (1) side only, additional fees apply for non-standard setups. These extra fees are added after checkout.

  • Mixed Number + Letter: $5.95 setup/$0.12 per tag
  • Words or Multiple Letters: $2.25 per word/$0.20 per tag (Mininum 10 per word setup)
  • Stock Message on Back: $5.95 setup/$0.12 per tag
  • Double Sided Printing: $5.95 setup/50% cost of frontside
  • 4 Digit Numbers: $0.20 extra per tag

Order Instructions

To Order Custom Imprinted Key Tags

1. Enter Total quantity of key tags desired in quantity box.

2. Select Color from pop-up menu.

3. Select Postage Guarantee option.

4. Enter imprint information in space provided.

For Numbers Only orders, skip to step 5.





5. Enter desired Room Numbers and quantity of each. Please specify quantities as shown. For orders with the same quantity for each room:10 each of rooms 101-112; 114-122; 124; 128, etc. For orders with a different quantity for each room:10 each of rooms 101-108; 7 each of rooms 114-122; 5 each of room 124, etc.


  • While the system will verify that you have ordered the minimum quantity of tags, it cannot confirm your room number totals. Please verify that the quantity of tags ordered equals the quantity of room numbers and tags specified.
  • Quantity pricing is available on a per imprint basis. Pricing for multiple imprint orders will be calculated based upon the quantity of each imprint and will be calculated after the order is processed.
  • While every effort is made to maximize imprint, the size, spacing and line endings of imprint are at operator's discretion. Please abbreviate whenever possible.
  • NOTE: Due to space limitations, we are unable to print both address and phone number on the front of key tags.
  • White and Yellow tags will have Black imprint; Orange tags specify Black or White imprint; all others will have White.
  • All text will be printed in UPPER CASE type. Lower case characters are not available.

Additional charges for non-standard imprints:

  • Mixed numbers and letters for room numbers: $5.00 setup/10¢ per tag.
    • Example: 101A, B71, etc.
  • Multiple letters or words in place of room numbers: $2.00 PER WORD OR NUMBER COMBINATION plus 15¢ per tag, minimum 10 tags per setup
    • Example:
      • TIKI BAR: 2 words at $2/word; total: $4.00, minimum order tags at 15¢ per tag.
      • MAINTENANCE ROOM 1: 3 words at $2/word; total $6.00, minimum order 10 tags at 15¢ per tag
  • Compound words will be billed at our discretion:TIKIBAR (no space) is still considered as 2 words at $2.00/word.
  • No Smoking Symbol or Check-Out Time, Welcome, Return Key stock messages on Back: $5 set-up/10¢ per tag
  • Printing on Back:$5 set-up/50% cost of the front side

Additional charges for non-standard imprints & multiple-imprint orders pricing will NOT appear in your shopping cart total. Charges will be added to your order total after processing. Call 800-526-8224 with any questions or email

Additional Details

*Note: Formatting of imprint information including font sizing, spacing and placement are up to the discretion of the operator unless a custom die is requested, which allows the customer full control. Although we try to accommodate formatting requests we make no guarantees and are responsible for content correctness only. Additional upcharges will apply for mixed numbering & lettering, words in place of numbers and printing on the back.

Shipping & Returns

Delivery Time:

The estimated delivery time will be approximately 4-5 weeks from time of order.

Shipping Fees:

Additional charges may be assessed based on each individual order. You will be contacted personally with any shipping charge changes that may occur on your order. Reasons for shipping charge changes include, but aren't limited to:

  • Oversize Shipments - Multiple Pallets
  • Residential Addresses
  • International Shipments


If you have questions regarding returns or damages, please contact us at To view our returns policy, please visit here.

Any Questions? Call Us 1-800-526-8224
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