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Mess free! No dirty brushes or clean-up necessary. Our Champion Paint Striper is designed and constructed to last. Adjustable stripe width from 2.5" to 4". Pavement marking paints get about 600-800 linear feet per can dependent on the speed you push the machine. On-board storage for up to 12 extra cans. We recommend use of this product outdoors to mark hazards, playing fields, parking lots, construction areas, pavement, steps, and underground utility lines.

  • Holds an additional 12 cans of striping paint
  • Constructed of a black-painted sheet metal and round chrome tubing
  • Easy, tool-free assembly
  • Collapsible for quick and easy storage
  • Striping paint (in Blue, Yellow and White) sold separately

Additional Details

Instructions for Champion Parking Lot Striper

How do I assemble the striping machine?
  • Loosen wing nuts on handle and sides of machine.
  • Pull the handle upright until it locks into place.
  • Tighten wing nuts on handle and sides of machines.

How does the paint load into the striping machine?
    • Shake aerosol can vigorously for one minute and occasionally during use.
    • Turn can upside-down and place in can holder. Make sure long side of the spray tip is parallel to axle.
    • Then slide paint can towards center of cart where it will snap into place.
    • Push machine and squeeze hand lever to activate paint spray.
    • To remove spray can, slide towards side of machine and lift out.

How do I adjust the width of the line?
      • Adjust line width by loosening wing screws and raising or lowering can holder - RAISE to make the line WIDER or LOWER to make line NARROWER.
      • After the can holder is at the desired height re-tighten the wing screws.


  • PVEMNT - Champion Parking Lot Striper
  • Stripe Width Adjustable 2.5" to 4"
  • Storage Holds 12 extra cans
  • Weight 22.5 lbs.
  • Construction Black-painted sheet metal, round chrome tubing
  • Assembly Collapsible; easy, tool free assembly
  • PVEPAINT - Champion 18 oz. Aerosol Striping Paint
  • Dry Time 30 minutes to touch
  • Cleanup Clean inanimate objects with mineral spirits, paint thinner, toluene
  • Stripes 600-800 linear feet
  • Product Type Aerosol
  • Tip Universal tip fits all machines
  • Capacity 18 oz.
  • Color Options Blue, White, Yellow
  • Number of Cans per Case 12

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