Win Over Your Guests with These Must-Have Amenities

November 27th 2019

In the hospitality industry, your number-one concern is always your guests’ satisfaction. In addition to your rates, beds, and other basics, here are a few hotel amenities that can be key to creating a comfortable, enjoyable guest experience.

Free Wireless Internet

In today’s world, internet access is practically required at all times. For hotels especially, free wireless internet is an absolute must-have amenity. While some hotels choose to offer special business-class internet for a fee, high-speed internet is now generally affordable enough to provide a quality Wi-Fi connection throughout the premises at no cost.

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Kid-Friendly Play Areas and Activities

Traveling with children has its challenges and finding family-friendly amusement at the hotel is sometimes difficult. Make sure that your hotel gives kids appropriate places to play and activities to enjoy. A shallow splash-pad area near the pool, for example, can be a great way to keep small children safely entertained while their parents relax.

Free Gym and/or Fitness Classes

For those who enjoy staying active, having the opportunity to take care of their bodies while away from home is a huge benefit. Provide a dedicated gym space with plenty of well-maintained equipment where guests can get a workout during their stay. If you want to offer something more interactive, offer a varied schedule of complimentary fitness classes like Pilates, kickboxing, or yoga.

A Variety of Convenient In-Room Amenities

Make sure guest rooms are outfitted with the typical comforts of home: refrigerator, microwave, HDTV, desk space, hairdryer, ironing board and iron, etc. To help guests keep their valuables secure during their stay, make sure they have access to hotel room safes.

Not all room-related hotel amenities are truly in-room, of course; if your hotel has its own kitchen or restaurant, you might also consider room service. Guests especially appreciate room service with plenty of availability, especially late at night.

Free Continental Breakfast

A table nicely decorated with breakfast dishes.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they say, and that’s true for your amenities, too! The free continental breakfast is a highly sought-after feature, as it allows guests to get a good meal right away in the morning without having to pay extra at a restaurant. Try to offer a wide variety of foods, including options for those with dietary restrictions.

Other Complimentary Food and Drinks

While minibars and vending machines are okay, offering your guests a few free snacks and beverages is a great way to show exceptional hospitality. The offerings don’t even need to be particularly fancy—bottled water, cookies, and drip coffee can make an average experience into a great one.

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