Trivago: A Must Have for Hoteliers

April 16th 2016

Trivago®: The World's Top Hotel Search and Price Comparison Platform

Trivago® allows users to compare hotel prices in just a few clicks from over 250 booking sites for over 1 million hotels throughout the world. Trivago has quickly become the world's top hotel search company with more than 120 million travelers using hotel comparison every month to get the best rates in their desired cities. Trivago simplifies the guest process for customers, much like online travel agencies such as Expedia have made purchasing flights a breeze. Prospective guests simply enter their desired travel dates, location, and price range, and if your hotel meets the criteria it will be available for selection. Trivago's clean interface complete with high resolution images, reviews, and ratings allow users to easily gauge the attractiveness of your property. Trivago needs to be an essential component for your hotel, motel, and bed & breakfast. What are we waiting for? Let's show you how to get started today!

Customer Perspective: How it Works

Trivago will help generate an online presence and increase your properties booking rate. It already has for more than a million hotels! Let's see how it looks from the customers perspective with a tutorial from trivago!

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with Trivago Hotel Manager is easy and efficient. Follow the steps below!
  • Click here "Trivago Hotel Manager" (Located on bottom footer)
  • Click on "Register Now For Free"
  • Search for your hotel in the directory
  • Enter personal information for the account (Name, Phone, Address, Password)
  • Begin to make trivago your personal advertisement!  

How Do I Succeed with Trivago?

The old adage, "Less is More" does not apply in this situation. Your properties ability to stand out from others will allow it to succeed. With Trivago, the average hotel experiences almost 35% of all bookings through trivago alone. 1. Detail, Detail, and More Detail Imagine your trivago listing as a resumé. The easier the hiring manager can find the important information, the better. The same applies with trivago users looking for hotels. You need to be as specific as possible to ensure ideal guests are seeing the properties listing. Must haves include: contact details, high resolution photographs, amenities, service listings, engaging descriptions, and local attractions within the area. 2. Highlight Your Strengths Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses as a hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast. You will receive instant feedback through trivago's quality test sent to every guest that books through the site. Your hotel's strengths will be directly shown on your profile, allowing prospective guests to know what to expect when they arrive! As trivago states, "A single rating or review doesn't tell the whole story." Because of the popularity of booking rooms through trivago, your property will have a large pool of real feedback from real guests. 3. Show Your Website Rate Trivago's last recommendation is to allow your pricing to create a competitive advantage. In beta stage, trivago is currently piloting a program that over 150 chains are currently using to increase direct bookings to their site. Apply for trivago Direct Connect open beta here!

Transitioning to Pro Version

Trivago does offer an enhanced version to users that wish to upgrade. Benefits include:
  • Encourage guests to get in touch through direct booking requests
  • Increase promotion with the ability to include exclusive hotel news
  • See who is searching for you, and how you can reach them
Trivago Pro payment plans are currently customized based on the individual property. To find out more information on if upgrading is right for you, click here. For FAQ's on payment, features, and cancellation policies, visit the support center.   Facebook

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