Top 12 Most Used Hotel Supplies

September 5th 2015

Avoid the common curse of "Wait to the Last Minute!" Stay up to date with the most important items hoteliers need to constantly keep track of stock on. We have compiled a list of the most commonly used and replaced hotel supplies. Avoid costly errors, by failing to provide your guests with the necessary items.


  1. Sheets
  2. Bedspreads
  3. Pillows
Not surprisingly, guests expect bed linens to be clean and stain-free. As a result bedding should not only be laundered regularly, but it should also be discarded once it is visibly worn. Also, considering how often hotels launder their linens, the need to purchase new sheets, bedspreads, etc, is quite high. In addition, other bedding items, such as pillows are often stolen which further increases the need to purchase these items on a regular basis.


  1. Soaps and Amenities
  2. Towels
  3. Toilet Paper
Any hotel owner knows that they can expect to replenish the bathroom with soaps and amenities on a daily basis. Even when guests do not use the soaps or lotions daily, many guests put the amenities in their suitcase to take them home. Needless to says, hotels go through cases of soaps quickly. To avoid running out of soap, make sure your housekeeping staff is well aware of your current inventory, and make sure they inform management once a minimum level of inventory is reached. Nothing will cause more headaches than finding out last minute that your hotel is out of soap. And considering hotel soaps are not offered in traditional retail stores, if you run out, you will be forced to order online and delivery will take a few business days.


  1. Plastic Wrapped Cups
  2. Electronic Key Cards & Envelopes
  3. Registration Cards
  4. Coffee
  5. Wastebasket Liners
  6. Do not Disturb Signs
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