Spruce Up Your College’s Dorm Rooms with Our New Collections

March 4th 2019

College dorm rooms are rarely something to call home about. A unique way to attract more students to live on campus is to update dorm rooms. While you could repaint the walls or install new flooring, new university dorm furniture is another effective way to transform these spaces.

By offering something other than standard dorm furniture, students are more likely to be interested and excited about on-campus housing.

At National Hospitality Supply, we’ve recently introduced four new dorm room furniture collections. This heavy-duty form furniture is designed with durability and longevity in mind. No matter the size of your college’s dorm rooms, we’re sure to have furniture that properly fits the space, giving students a comfortable place to rest, relax, and study.

Twin Bed Collection

university dorm furniture twin bed collection

Our Twin Bed Collection offers a basic yet flexible design to meet campus housing needs. The collection includes an adjustable bed with 11 different spring heights, along with drawer chests. Drawer chests can be placed side-by-side or stacked, depending on space constraints.

This student dorm furniture collection also includes a pedestal desk and a two-position chair. These items can be used to create a personal work station where students can study on their computer or write a research paper on the sturdy desktop surface.

Junior Loft Collection

university dorm furniture junior loft collection

For smaller dorm rooms, our Junior Loft Collection is the ideal option. Make the most out of limited space with a single loft bed offering 11 different spring height options and a durable design. The collection also includes a three-drawer chest that can be used as a standalone piece or placed under the bed to save space.

To provide students with a place to work and study, this university furniture collection also offers a pedestal desk and a matching two-position chair.

Open Loft Collection

university dorm furniture open loft collection

Our Open Loft Collection offers an ideal setup for study, sleep, and living, even in small dorm rooms. This collection offers a twin XL bed that offers 11 different spring height options. For storage, the three-drawer chest can be a standalone piece, or it can be placed under the bed to save space without reducing functionality.

The Open Loft Collection also includes a pedestal desk and chair. These are great additions to any dorm room, as they create an area for students to comfortably use their computer.

Bunk Bed Collection

university dorm furniture bunk bed collection

In order to provide housing for more students, some colleges offer dorm bunk beds. Bunk beds are also ideal for tight dorm rooms without sacrificing comfort or functionality. Our Bunk Bed Collection offers adjustable bed ends with 11 different spring heights. Bunk beds offer a ladder and guardrails and meet all child safety requirements.

The collection also offers a 3-drawer chest, desk, and matching chair to provide a complete bedroom set for each student.

Modern & Durable College Housing Furniture from National Hospitality Supply

No matter if you’re looking for dorm bunk beds or cool bed frames for students, National Hospitality Supply has all of your university furniture needs. From beds to drawer chests to desks, our four new dorm room furniture collections are sure to meet all student needs.

Upgrade your college housing today. Call our team at (800) 526-8224 to place your order, or visit our website to browse our full inventory of products.

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