Revinate: Turn Your Guest Data Into Revenue

April 21st 2016

Revinate™: Turn Your Guest Data Into Revenue

To help your hotel adapt to the modern traveler, Revinate has developed a solution that is currently used with 30,000 of the world's leading hotels. Want to develop personalized services and experiences for every guest? Want to turn your customer data into future profitability? As a Platinum partner with TripAdvisor, leap frog the competition onto the front page! Let us tell you how Revinate can help your property generate revenue, manage reviews, and engage with customers.  

What Can Revinate Do For You?

1. Revinate Reputation™

Revinate has the ability to pull thousands of sources of information based on key words, phrases, and other searches that you have control over. This allows you to see what all your customers are saying about your property on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums, and travel review sites like TripAdvisor.
Revinate Reputation helps you capture, measure, and optimize the guest experience by bringing together all online reviews and social media mentions into a single, integrated view."

2. Revinate Surveys™

Revinate is easily integrated with TripAdvisor so your guest reviews are just a click away from being uploaded! Customize template styles for surveys, create questions with multiple question types, and benefit from 360° guest feedback.
 Revinate Surveys customers who publish their surveys to TripAdvisor see an average 409% increase in new review volume. Improve your TripAdvisor ranking by 15% or more."
That is indeed, 409% increase in reviews. There's even more!

3. Revinate Marketing™

Access all your customer demographics in one location, while setting up personalized guest marketing campaigns in minutes! You can even track direct and indirect revenue generated from each campaign. Segment and group customers into clusters for improved target marketing!

4. Revinate Engage™

In 2016, we all have heard of the word,"Millennials." Millennials are always on the go, always glued to their mobile devices. With Revinate you can give your guests access to your hotel concierge 24/7 with open communication channels to request dinner recommendations, room services, or to simply pull the guests car to the front of the lobby. Revinate becomes the remote control for every guest in the hotel.

Revinate inGuest Tutorial

Integrative With Popular Property Management Systems

If your interest is peaking, we suggest you check out how Revinate can integrate with your hotel to "automate extraction of guest data and power the Reputation, Surveys, Marketing, and Engage products." With a fully integrative software, Revinate can compliment any revenue management system, property management system, online travel agency, and booking engine. See if your property management system is listed, here.

Request a Demo

Revinate allows prospective hotels to request personalized demos of the service and software to test. For interested customers, "Request A Demo" here and get started! At National Hospitality, we sell the hotel products you need, but we also want to provide industry knowledge on the software and technology that will help your hotel thrive!   Facebook

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