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April 23rd 2016

Customer Reviews and Product Reviews

In order for National Hospitality to remain one of the leading sources for hotel and restaurant supplies in the United States, we are constantly evaluating practices, procedures, and performance on various levels. While we can review methods that we think will make a better experience for our customers, we need to hear from you! We appreciate both positive and negative feedback and will continue to evolve and become a better company as a result. This summer we will continue to improve our product selection, adding beneficial features to our online experience, and implementing new programs to make you excited to order from National Hospitality!

Customer Reviews

We would love to hear from our customers via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and by email at While we have a few reviews listed on our growing Facebook page, we would like to hear from more customers on "How We're Doing!" If you are experiencing problems with an order or have a question, simply send us a message on Facebook or email and we will do our best to respond as fast as possible. We have been known to reward customers who leave reviews on Facebook (hint). Facebook Reviews For National Hospitality  

Product Reviews

Recently added to our website, product reviews help both the customer and our merchandising department aware of how products are performing. Product review submissions are available for every product and can be a valuable asset for "you" as a customer, when deciding between two similar products. How to Product Review: 1. Visit 2. Search for products you have recently purchased 3. Click on "Write a Review" underneath the price list Product Review Final4. Adding a review is quick and easy! Reviews will appear within 24 hours on the website. Your email address will not be displayed. Add a Review Nathosp

Blog Reviews

We know there are topics and products you want to know more about! Simply email, and I will be more than happy to research and find information on topics that are personalized to your geographical location and property. We hope you have enjoyed our articles thus far on new technology, hospitality news, products, and ways to help your hotel succeed. We're always looking to improve, comment below for topics you wish to learn more about! Together Making 2016 Successful Facebook

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