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June 15th 2018

Looking to make your hospitality location not only feel homey and comfortable but also modern? If so, the best place to start is with bedding. By offering designer bedding designs and materials, you can make your guests feel right at home, especially if you offer comfort items like a coverlet, fitted sheets, and more. At National Hospitality Supply, we offer a wide range of bedding options. Our Princeton Chenille, Shantung Box Spring Covers, Eclipse Top Sheets, and Petal Soft Top Sheets are sure to wow your guests. Keep reading to learn about our trending bedding accessories and how they can transform your location.

New Bedding Trends

One of the top trends this year is using designer-type bedding designs and materials. If you want your business to look modern and well-kept, be sure that your bedding is contemporary and well-kept. To start, avoid using bulky bedspreads that look and feel cheap. Guests want to be comfortable with plush soft bedding. To make beds look more inviting, be sure to use coverlets, top sheets, duvets, and decorative touch—such as a bed scarf and bolster—to achieve a high-end look. Another must-follow trend is triple sheeting. This involves using a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a warming layer, such as a blanket or duvet insert. To finish off the look, you'll want to use a coverlet or a top sheet. Are you ready to use these bedding trends at your business? Check out our products to help you achieve these looks.  

princeton chenillePrinceton Chenille

Our Princeton Chenille bed scarf and bolster collection is made with heavyweight polyester to add a touch of color and decor to any room. The collection is available in five modern colors that are sure to wow your guests. Paired with decorative sheets, you can have a high-scale look without overpaying.  

shantung box spring coversShantung Box Spring Covers

Visible box springs can be off-putting. Guests want to know they’re sleeping in comfort without having to see a mattress or box spring. With our Shantung box spring covers, you can achieve a tailored look in any space. The rich contemporary colors will blend flawlessly with existing decor.  

eclipse top sheetsEclipse Top Sheets

Looking to create an elegant feel? If so, our Eclipse top sheets are the perfect accessory. The sheets are cool, crisp, and breathable, ensuring your guests get a good night sleep. With a no-snag finish and no ironing necessary, these are some of the best hotel sheets around.  

petal soft top sheetsPetal Soft Top Sheets

Embrace the arrival of warmer weather with our Petal Soft top sheets. These sheets are perfect for spring and summer, as they're lightweight and breathable—ideal for warm nights. The sheets are dual sheen with quality stitching for enhanced durability.

Need Bedding? Choose National Hospitality Supply

Looking for hotel bedding to modernize your business? If so, you can count on us at National Hospitality Supply. We offer an endless amount of hotel bedding options, including top sheets, coverlets, blankets, duvets, and more. Contact us today at 1-800-526-8224 to start your order.

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