Make Your Hotel More Family Friendly

October 28th 2019

Whether you own a hotel, Airbnb, or another establishment, there are many ways to impress your guests. Focusing on families may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but this oft-overlooked aspect can be the secret weapon that gets more clients to stay with you than your competition. So, how do you achieve this goal?

Give Them Ideas

Staying in a hotel with toddlers can be hectic enough without then having to plan an itinerary. By providing families not only with things they can enjoy as a group and independently but giving them directions to those activities, you’ve just made their vacation a lot easier and more fun. Arrange activity locations from near to far, and give estimates for how long it will take to walk or drive there.

family at beach

Packaging Is Everything

No matter the age of the kids who come to stay with you, one thing is certain: The easier you can make it for them to enjoy themselves, the better. So, why not offer them a family package that includes everything they need?

Target high-budget families by offering a luxury vacation package that offers plenty for the kids to do so the parents can relax. Low-budget families will appreciate a package that includes meal and room deals, along with lots of free perks to make their vacation memorable.

Think Like a Child

Another way to ensure families return to your establishment time and again is to think about what their kids might want. A kids' menu is always a great idea; include lots of parent-approved healthy options. Consider offering a special kids-only welcome package. You can include anything from cars and coloring books to t-shirts and teddy bears, and all can be branded with your logo.

Help Out New Parents

The younger your child guests are, the more challenging it can be for parents to travel with them. Yet, ironically, it’s new parents that can need a vacation the most! Being a hotel with cribs and services that cater to parents of children up to three years of age can reassure them that they will be able to get anything they need from you, which can really help them to relax and enjoy their time away.

family in bed

Even something as small as offering bottle heating as a part of room service can make staying in a hotel room with a newborn much easier for new parents. Baby-friendly items such as folding portable cribs and playpens or having baby food and bibs at your restaurant will definitely make their lives much easier.

The best family vacations are spent enjoying quality time and making great memories. Top-quality products from National Hospitality Supply make it both easy and cost-effective to make every family feel welcome. Our line of HideAway folding wood cribs offer all of the comfort and safety of a traditional crib with the added convenience of easy storage. Visit us and discover why we are still a preferred supplier in the hospitality industry after over 29 years.

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