Hotel Shower Dispensers Save You Time and Money

October 20th 2019

For the average hotel, motel, Airbnb, or other properties, hotel soap is a major expense. It’s necessary to provide your guests with soap, of course, but the sad reality is that much of what you buy is wasted when you opt for individual packaging. Whether it is one-ounce bottles or small bars of wrapped soap, the majority of what you purchase is going to end up in the trash. To cut down on that waste, and to improve your bottom line, turn to hotel shower dispensers for help. 

The Bulk Advantage

shower head pouring water

You don’t need to be in the hospitality business to understand the many benefits of buying in bulk. Purchasing bulk quantities will save you money in almost every market, and that’s certainly true with hotel bathroom accessories and supplies. By cutting down dramatically on the packaging that you pay for, you’ll get more for your money.

A Housekeeping Win

One of the largest expenses involved with running a hotel or another lodging business is housekeeping. Quite simply, it takes a lot of labor for a property to be ready for each new guest that arrives. Switching your hotel soaps and shampoos to a bulk format will make the job of your housekeeping team just a bit easier. They will now be able to skip the step of replacing those little bottles and soap bars, and can instead just monitor the level of soap and shampoo in the dispenser. When it runs low, the dispenser can be quickly topped off without any trouble. 

A Variety of Options

As you shop for dispensers that will be right for your business, you’ll be happy to find that National Hospitality Supply offers a wide selection for your consideration. For instance, the Wave Single Shower Dispensers are a sleek option available in three different colors. Other popular options include the Aviva Shower Dispenser Collection, which comes in one-, two-, and three-chamber designs, and the Beekman 1802 Shower Dispensers, which allow individual bottles to be added to either a single- or triple-bracket. 

More Than Math

towels on a stool in the bathroom

Sure, a big part of your decision to switch to shower dispensers is going to come down to dollars and cents—that’s just good business. At the same time, those in the hospitality business always have to consider the opinions of their guests, and those staying at your property are likely to love the convenience of bulk dispensers. 

The soap and shampoo will always be right there in the shower when needed, and they won’t have to fiddle with frustratingly small packaging. As an added bonus, travelers who are environmentally minded will appreciate what you have done to cut down on waste.

Make the Switch Today!

To enjoy significant cost-savings, along with many other benefits, place an order for your new hotel shower dispensers today. At National Hospitality Supply, we carry a collection of quality dispensers at competitive prices—and, of course, we offer all the bulk liquids you will need to fill your dispensers with ease. We look forward to serving you!

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