Hotel Quality Mattress Covers Protect Your Investment and Your Ratings

March 9th 2018

Whether you've recently invested in new beds or need to extend the life of your existing ones, hotel mattress covers give your guests a positive first impression about cleanliness and will improve their sleeping experience. The state of the mattress, box spring, and pillows may be one of the first things your guests inspect when they arrive.   You will want that bed check to reveal freshly washed zippered pillow covers and washable mattress pads and protectors. When you are buying hotel mattress covers your guests will appreciate quiet, comfortable, and luxurious options that protect their health as well as your investment.  

What to Look for in a Hotel Mattress Protector

All of our hotel quality mattress covers include protection against bedbugs, allergens, skin cells, dirt, and liquids. You might choose fitted mattress covers because they are easy to remove and wash, or you might want the full protection of a zippered model. They come in a range of depths, so you will want to know the thickness of your mattresses.  

Terry Cloth Fitted

The Terry Cloth Fitted option provides comfort, durability, and is easy to remove. The top is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, while the stretchy sides are polyester and accommodate mattress depths of 11” to 16”. waterproof mattress protector

Terry Cloth Zippered

For full protection the Terry Cloth Zippered is soft, comfortable, and stands up to repeated washings. Made with a combination of cotton/polyester waterproof terrycloth and stretchable polyester skirting, this model is perfect for mattress thicknesses of 13” to 17”.  

Coral Fleece

For top-of-the-line luxury, the Coral Fleece Fitted cover offers the soft sleep of a fleece pad with full mattress protection. Made of 100% polyester with stretchable skirting, it accommodates mattresses from 11” to 16”.  

Luxury Microfiber

With 6.5 oz of premium fill, the Luxury Microfiber Fitted cover provides a luxurious quilted softness that will reduce morning aches from a firm mattress. The top is a microfiber polyester and the stretch skirting will fit mattresses from 11” to 16” deep.  

Soft Terry Zippered Pillow Protectors

Put the finishing touch on this newly fitted bed with these Soft Terry Zippered Pillow Protectors. Lightweight and breathable to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature, these feature the same full protection as our mattress pads. Made of machine washable 80% cotton / 20% polyester with a 100% polyurethane backing in a soft terry finish.    comfortable hotel sheets

Put Your Best Bed Forward

If your hotel beds are already great, mattress covers will protect your investment and add a layer of softness to a firm bed. If your mattresses and box springs could use a practical makeover, putting a layer of hygienic comfort in place will give them new life and protect your review ratings.   When you are buying hotel bedding or wondering where to buy hotel supplies, visit National Hospitality Supply first. Make sure you are getting the best quality with a quantity discount, so you can offer all your guests better hygiene, fewer allergens, less morning pain, and a feeling of luxury when they settle in for the night. They will remember you well!

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