Hotel News For April

April 23rd 2016

Hotel News For April

This months news focuses on improving your hotel's competitive position online. This is accomplished through being highly listed on sites such as TripAdvisor and Trivago, and having systems in place such as Revinate™, which allow you to turn your guest data directly into revenue. We'll also discuss how improving your hotel's sustainability will help you save money down the road and allow your property to allocate resources to areas that need improvement. April showers, brings more articles!

1) Trivago: A Must Have For Hoteliers

Trivago® allows users to compare hotel prices in just a few clicks from over 250 booking sites for over 1 million hotels throughout the world. Trivago has quickly become the world’s top hotel search company with more than 120 million travelers using hotel comparison every month to get the best rates in their desired cities. We'll show you how to register for Trivago Hotel Manager and get your property listed online in just a matter of minutes! Setting up an account with Trivago Hotel Manager is a stress free process when you are given tips and guidelines on how to succeed!

2) Trivago Webinar: What Makes Travelers Choose Your Hotel

We understand that as a Hotelier, your schedule is busy. During the (38:13 min) presentation, we’ve highlighted the key moments inside. Fast forward to key hotel marketing topics you want to learn more about or sit back and enjoy the entire webinar. Valuable insight directly from Trivago's dedicated staff, allow you to become confident with the Ins and outs of Trivago's Hotel Manager and account set-up. [caption id="attachment_4398" align="alignnone" width="800"]Woman searching a hotel for vacation. Booking template designed on the screen. Your Guests Are Constantly Searching For The Best Deals![/caption]

3) Cornell Study: Hotel Performance and Social Engagement

A recent study conducted by Cornell’s Center for Hospitality Research examines the popular travel site, TripAdvisor, in correlation with a hotel’s customer satisfaction, revenue, and social media performance. Chris Anderson and Saram Han have made the full study, available for free as downloadable content (Inside). Is it necessary or beneficial to answer every review? Learn statistics on performance related to social engagement and how prospective customers value a companies response to negative reviews!

4) Revinate™: Turn Your Guest Data Into Revenue

To help your hotel adapt to the modern traveler, Revinate has developed a solution that is currently used with 30,000 of the world’s leading hotels. Want to develop personalized services and experiences for every guest? Want to turn your customer data into future profitability? As a Platinum partner with TripAdvisor, leap frog the competition onto the front page! Let us tell you how Revinate can help your property generate revenue, manage reviews, and engage with customers.

5) Sustainable and Environment Friendly Products

At National Hospitality, we offer products that can help reduce your properties carbon footprint. From recycled materials and chemical free substances, to disposable items used by guests, we strive to help make a difference! Inside you fill find products that help to reduce energy consumption, water usage, and products that your guests can recycle to reduce landfill space. For ways going green can help you save money, read our earlier article, 33 Ways Going “Green” Will Save You Money.   Facebook    

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