How To Ensure Your Hotel Bathroom is Clean

January 14th 2016

Hotel Bathroom Cleaning

Your guests have just checked into the hotel and rush hurriedly towards their room. Upon opening the door, they are impressed at the cleanliness and rejuvenating light that peers through the curtains. As paranoid guests, they check their bed for bugs, the mini-fridge for cold drinks, the carpet for crumbs, ensure the coffee maker has no left over coffee beans, and lastly they inspect.....the bathroom! HGTV Secrets From the Pros HGTV recently asked two experts: Jenny Botero, resident manager of the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA., and Erika Jasco, director of style for W New York Union Square in New York City for tips on how to keep your hotel bathroom shining! With two respected hotels using the same methods for their staff, incorporating the following guidelines for your hotel can help improve consistency and customer expectations.

Follow these steps to ensure your hotel bathroom passes your guests inspection!

1. Vacuum and Dust

The biggest gripe for guests is seeing hair on the floor, that isn't theirs. Working from top to bottom for dusting helps to ensure key spots aren't missed. Dusting with a micro-fiber cloth is recommended. While vacuuming, don't forget to take the extra time to check the crevices for hairs and dirt particles. [caption id="attachment_2167" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Microfiber Microfiber Cloths for only $1.95 ea![/caption]  

2. Heat Up Surfaces

Jenny Botero recommends heating the tile and tub 10 degrees warmer than room temperature. Warmer surfaces react better with alkaline cleansers and help to kill bacteria that may be lurking on surfaces. Fill the tub, sink, and shower with the hottest water possible from the tap, and let the hot water soak for a few minutes.

3. Spray Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

Once all your targeted surfaces are heated up, drain all the excess water. Next, spray anti-bacterial cleaner on tile walls, tub, counters, sink, toilet and floor. Click to View our entire Housekeeping Supply Section. [gallery ids="2178,2179" type="rectangular" orderby="rand"]

4. Spread

Use a cloth or sponge to spread the cleanser evenly throughout the tile floor, sink, toilet, and shower.

5. Let Disinfectant Sit

For the best results, Erika's team recommends letting the cleanser sit for 5-7 minutes in order for the solution to break down all the grime, bacteria, and dirt.

6. Scrub

Using a scrub brush or non-scratch abrasive pad, apply elbow grease to every inch of the desired area. Scrubbing will help to eliminate grey marks from tub areas as well as any stains.

7. Rinse

According to Jenny, rinsing the chemicals off is the most important step. Any chemicals that are left sitting on tile or other surface areas will accumulate more particles and soil, causing an even bigger build up problem.

8. Dry

To help prevent water marks from appearing, it's important to dry off cleaned areas with dry cotton cloths or rags. Our economical washcloths can be dual-purpose for your housekeeping needs. Take a look below! [caption id="attachment_2200" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Bayfield Low as $2.95 a dozen![/caption]

9. Don't Forget the Glass!

It is human nature for people to look at themselves in a mirror. Make sure your hotel mirrors are glistened with a glass cleaner. Your guests will notice right away if spots of the mirror were missed as watermarks, dust, and particles will stand out. Need a glass cleaner? Click here to view our options.

10. Floors

To finish the bathroom cleaning: rinse, wipe, and dry the floor. Click below to view all our housekeeping supplies perfect for cleaning tile and flooring. [caption id="attachment_2210" align="aligncenter" width="441"]mops All Purpose Mops as low as $3.95![/caption]  

Cleaning in 10 Simple Steps

Cleaning is all about effort. Deadlines and check-in times may put unnecessary stress on your housekeeping staff, however your guests expect all areas of the room to be clean. Many reviews on sites such as Yelp, complain about dirty shower floors, or hair on the floor, and food stains on the sheets. Simple methods and procedures (checklists) can make sure your staff isn't leaving important areas forgotten during room turnovers. Thanks for reading, we hope this serves as a good reminder to keep up the good work or to perhaps make a checklist for the housekeeping staff! For even more cleaning tips on how to keep your shower looking brand new, check out Amanda Thomas, Domestic CEO. Tip of the Day: Inspect What You Expect. Training needs to be hands on, supervised, and evaluated. As managers, you can create the best checklists and procedures for your staff, but unless you actually "inspect" the results of your "procedures", you won't get what you "expect."   Facebook

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