Do I Really Need an Area Rug in My Hotel Rooms?

April 10th 2019

As a business in the hospitality industry, you likely know all about how to make a space inviting, warm, and functional. From comfortable bedding to plush pillows and towels, there are many items that guests need in order to feel right at home. Yet, one area of the room that often goes untouched is the floor.

No one wants to get out of bed and step onto a cold floor. To provide your guests ultimate comfort, you’ll want to invest in hotel area rugs. Hotel rugs are even more important to have if your hotel rooms have wood or solid flooring. Area rugs can also be used to cover up stains and wear that often occurs on hotel carpet.

Keep reading to see top hotel area rug options so that your guests can relax and enjoy everything their room has to offer.

Monterrey Sisal

Monterrey Sisal hotel area rug

The Monterrey Sisal hotel area rug is the perfect complement to any hotel room. Available in four neutral colors, this hotel area rug offers a clean and modern look. The rug is available in many sizes and can be placed underneath a bed, next to the bed, or in a living area where guests will spend time relaxing. With a 1/5" overall thickness, this rug is sure to impress.


Seneca hotel area rug

Looking for a rug with a pop of color and design? If so, the Seneca hotel area rug is the product for your hotel rooms. The rug is available in various colors, including denim, aqua, amethyst, and fern, along with more neutral colors like graphite, taupe, and chocolate.

This modern hotel carpet area rug offers a subtle design that adds a fun pop of texture to any hotel room floor. This rug is ideal for use under furniture or next to the bed for a warm inviting feel.


Lima hotel area rug

Area rugs should be soft and unobtrusive to the ambiance of the room.  Our Lima hotel area rug collection is available in many sizes and eight different colors, including ivory, navy, stone, and others. These hotel rugs offer a solid design, making it suitable for any hotel room décor.

With an overall 1/2" thickness, the Lima collection offers luxurious area rugs that will keep your guests comfortable and warm, with plenty of plushness under their toes.


Lazio hotel area rug

You can’t go wrong with a Lazio hotel area rug. This collection is available in many different sizes, making this the ideal choice for hotel rooms of all sizes. These rugs can be used under a bed, in front of a couch, or at the bedside for ultimate guest comfort.

Available in neutral tones as well as modern colors, a Lazio hotel area rug is sure to complete the look of any hotel room. The subtle multi-toned design adds just enough color to turn the floor area from dated to modern and sophisticated.

Choose National Hospitality Supply for Quality Hotel Rugs

No matter if you’re looking for solid hotel rugs or a hotel carpet rug that offers a bit of texture and design, you can count on National Hospitality Supply to have just the product for you. We have an extensive collection of luxurious area rugs that will complete any hotel room and offer your guests an even more enjoyable stay.

Browse our full line of hotel area rugs to find the option that best fits your hospitality location. Customers can also call our dedicated staff at (800) 526-8224 to place an order.

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