Blogmas Day 2: A Resolution in an Acronym

December 12th 2015

S. N. A. P into It

As the new year approaches, many companies and management (individuals) will have expectations and goals for the upcoming 2016 business calendar. Before setting company wide goals, take a minute to reflect on your own work performance and efforts throughout the year. Before reviewing and critiquing your colleagues and employees, you must first look at your own to gain perspective. In a recent article posted by Rocco Santopietro, from, the acronym S.N.A.P provides a guide to key areas that successful managers and leaders in the hospitality industry should be conscious of. Santopietro is an accomplished mentor and coach for new businesses as well as having experience as an operations manager at many 5-star properties. The Four components of S.N.A.P include:
  • Sense of Urgency20130122-60444593931162
  • No Excuses
  • Attention to Detail
  • Pride of Ownership

Sense of Urgency

As Rocco states, "urgency" should not be confused with "emergency." In the hospitality industry, working with confidence and a sense of urgency is key when trying to exceed a guest's expectations. What are those expectations? Guests are looking for quick check out times, turn-down service, dining reservations, and minutes to delivery quoted by room service. Urgency is constantly looking to improve results and identify problem areas that need to be addressed and resolved immediately. Your sense of urgency as a manager and leader will quickly spread throughout the entire staff, exceeding guest's expectations along the way.

No Excuses

The motto, offer no excuses and accept no excuses, is extremely applicable in the hospitality industry. When customers book rooms at your establishment, they are entitled to be promised your consistency. As Rocco states, there are often legitimate reasons why mistakes happen. Rather than having excuses such "we are understaffed" or the "head chef is off today", fix the issue. All guests want is for the mistake to be fixed, before their stay is ruined. As a manager you have to see the problem, before the problem occurs. Make sure your staff is fully prepared for variables and remember not to make excuses, but rather an action plan. [caption id="attachment_896" align="alignnone" width="800"]boss-vs-leader-2 Be a Leader in 2016[/caption]

Attention to Detail

True Hoteliers know that the distinguishing difference between successful and mediocre hotels are the small details. The small details such as knowledge of wines or meal favorites at hotel restaurants, or recommendations and areas of attraction outside of the hotel are impactful to complimenting a guest's stay. Opening doors, greetings, and speedy delivery service are always appreciated more when done with a smile! When looking forward to 2016, determine whether the small details are missing. Ask the right questions and see the positive results!

Pride of Ownership

Rocco states:
Hoteliers should trust, nurture and recognize the ability of every staff member. Empowering them and instilling a pride of ownership will make them go beyond their job tasks and adapt and modify their services to meet guest's needs.
Likewise, when your staff sees how much pride, how much urgency, how little you make excuses, and how you pay attention to the little details, they will follow suit. As a hotel, every staff member has the ability to represent the establishment in a positive light. As the manager of a hotel, motel, and B&B, you should be honored to be in the position of leadership and your actions should reflect the handwork it took to get there.

Use S.N.A.P in 2016

Use S.N.A.P as an acronym that helps your establishment go the extra mile in 2016. It's easy to remember, catchy, and it will make your guest know what great service is when they do find it. So what are you waiting for? SNAP INTO IT!

Stay Tuned for Day 3....


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