Coverlets That Will Transform Your Bedding

April 11th 2018

In the hospitality industry, there are all sorts of must-have bedding items. From plush pillows to warm comforters, it’s important to have bedding that will keep your guests warm and comfortable while they relax and sleep. One piece of bedding that you may have forgotten all about are coverlets. Coverlets are a great alternative to comforters in that they aren't bulky and are often designed with patterns that will liven up any hotel bedroom.  Keep reading to learn about these decorative top sheets and why they should be available in all hospitality locations.

Coverlets 101

Coverlets are often compared to quilts in that they may have a thin middle layer to provide just enough warmth to your guests. Coverlets without a middle layer are typically for decorative purposes to bring some color to a room. You'll find coverlets in semi-fitted, fitted, throw-style, and even loose designs. Fitted coverlets are meant for decoration, while loose and throw-style options are meant to be used as light blankets.

Why a Coverlet?

Having a coverlet is a must so that you can account for varying levels of warmth in order to keep your guests comfortable. While some guests like to be warm and prefer to sleep with a comforter, others much prefer to be cool when they sleep. For those cool sleepers, a coverlet is the ideal bedding option. Aside from warmth, coverlets are an easy and effective way to add an element of design to a room. Nothing is more inviting than a bed that’s covered with a beautifully colored or designed top sheet.

Choosing the Right Decorative Top Sheet

With so many coverlets on the market, it can be hard to know which options are best. At National Hospitality Supply, we've done the hard work for you and selected our top three must-have coverlets.  
  1. Walker's SquareWalker's square reversible pinsonic quilted coverlets
Our Walker's Square coverlet is quilted and reversible, making it the ideal top sheet if you're looking for versatility and warmth. This coverlet is the ideal alternative to a thick comforter, allowing your guests to sleep comfortably and in style. The coverlet offers a decorative stitch pattern on both sides as well as different colors. Choose between maroon and champagne, bone and fawn, or moss and celadon.  
  1. RiverdaleRiverdale Reversible Pinsonic Quilted Coverlets
Our Riverdale coverlet is quilted and also reversible, allowing you to use the same bedding but achieving different looks! This coverlet features a decorative stitch pattern that adds a contemporary touch to any bedroom decor. The 3 oz. of polyester fiberfill will keep your guests just warm enough. The Riverdale is available in four color-coordinated options, including fawn and espresso, bone and fawn, champagne and maroon, and celadon and moss.  
  1. Cathedral SquareCathedral Square Reversible Quilted Coverlets
This coverlet creates a clean and modern look that offers a square stitch pattern that fits flawlessly into any existing decor. The Cathedral Square coverlet is reversible and is available in beautiful colors including white, fawn, and maroon. With 3.5 oz. of polyester fiberfill, this coverlet is one of our heaviest options—but, rest assured, this bedding piece won't overheat your guests.  

Your Source for All Bedding Needs

No matter if you’re in the market for coverlets, blankets, bedspreads or other bedding items, look no further than National Hospitality Supply. We offer a wide range of bedding products that are sure to make your rooms feel and look like home! Browse our huge online inventory today or call us at 800-526-8224 to place your order.

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