Commercial Waste Receptacles & Restaurant Trash Cans

February 7th 2016

New Commercial Waste Receptacles & Restaurant Trash Cans

Plastic, metal, or wood. Indoor or outdoor. Big or small. Whether you're with a church, school, hotel, or any other business, with our huge selection of commercial garbage cans, you're sure to find a garbage receptacle that's right for your property. We've recently upgraded our selection to offer more contemporary styles, suited for different environments. Whether you need your receptacle to promote recycling, add style, or just for functioning, we have a huge selection for you. Check out the newest waste receptacles below! *Click on product images for more information

Expanded Metal Receptacles & Outdoor Lids

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Evos™ Indoor/Outdoor Steel Trash Receptacles


Stadium Series® Ash n' Trash


Indoor Recycling Units


Streetscape™ Outdoor Trash Receptacles


South Hampton™ Outdoor Trash Receptacles


East Hampton™ Outdoor Trash Receptacles


Indoor Swing Top Receptacles


Indoor/Outdoor Ash Urn & Ash n' Trash Receptacles


Indoor Dome Top Receptacles With Push Door


Hands-Free Open Top Receptacles


Half-Round Receptacles

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Shop The Entire Collection of Waste/Trash Receptacles

With additions in variety, style, and functionality, our selection has improved significantly in the last year. To view all the receptacles National Hospitality offers, please visit our website. Our dedicated sales and customer service representatives are always ready to help answer any questions you may have about our latest products.

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