Bundle Up This Winter with Hotel Blankets from National Hospitality Supply

November 14th 2019

The cooler weather is coming, and winter is the perfect time of year to change up your hotel blankets. If you’re looking for cozy bedding that your guests will absolutely love, National Hospitality Supply has plenty of blankets for hotel use.

Why Now Is a Good Time to Replace Your Blankets

bed with a fluffy pink blanket on it

Comfort is a big reason why your guests keep coming back, and there’s no better way to keep that going than to have new bedding that will keep them raving about you. Changing the color and style of your blankets is also an easy way to give your rooms a quick makeover. From cotton thermal to polyester, we’ve got the perfect kind of cozy for your establishment.

Durable New Bedford Blankets

A busy hotel or bed and breakfast needs blankets that can handle everything that guests throw at them, but they also need to be able to stand up to hundreds of wash and dry cycles. Enter our New Bedford Cotton Thermal Blankets. These loom-woven and snag-less blankets feature a unique onion pattern that guests will love. 

Available in champagne, green, and blue, these hotel blankets for sale resist both runs and fading, making them a great addition to your guest rooms. The color selection can mean a different but equally beautiful blanket every time guests come to stay.

Luxurious Waffle Weave

When cotton is transformed by tight stitching, you get plenty of warmth without the bulk. Our Santa Barbara Waffle Weave Cotton Thermal Blankets allow you to offer your guests the beauty of natural and high-quality cotton with the durability that only loom weaving can provide. The textured honeycomb design pays homage to the traditional quilt. 

Because they’re available in white or natural, you can bring a bit of nostalgia to any décor and any bed size. Along with their beauty is their natural durability. Wash these blankets as many times as you like; they can handle it and still look lovely.

Smooth and Soft Micro-Fleece

Looking for versatility in your blankets? Lightweight micro-fleece may be your solution. This material offers a finer pile than other polyesters, making it smoother and softer. Our LodgMate Micro Fleece Blankets can easily do double duty, keeping guests warm in bed at night and serving as a cozy throw for chilly days. Why is a hotel fleece blanket so warm? The secret is in the fabric, which keeps the heat locked in.

The blue, ivory, and tan color options make it a breeze to infuse every room with comfort and warmth, especially when there’s more than one for guests to wrap themselves in and write you a great review.

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Putting new blankets in your rooms will give you and your guests a change from the same old, same old and add a new element of style and comfort to your establishment. National Hospitality Supply knows you and knows your guests; we’ve been providing top-quality hotel bedding and other products for over 29 years. Visit us online to browse our collections.

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