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January 24th 2016

Bobby Stuckey Speaking at TEDxBoulder

Bobby Stuckey, owner of Frasca Food and Wine, draws upon his experiences to differentiate the meanings between service and hospitality in every aspect of life. As a highly rated and respected Italian restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, Bobby's knowledge and insight in the hospitality industry can help any business looking to distinguish themselves from competition. [youtube] Top Quotes From the TEDx Talk
Hospitality is not thinking of yourself, it's thinking of the other person, and making them feel different, changing how they feel..."
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Service is what you do to someone. Hospitality is how you make someone feel."
"We need to think that hospitality is important, not just in a restaurant, not just in a spa, or a luxury hotel. Hospitality is the secret weapon we need all of us to partake in"
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Everyone of us can do great hospitality, its free, it doesn't take extra people, it just takes you all, to think, I can look outward and help someone else. You'll be better with your workmates, with the people who work underneath you...if your a leader, you can lead people better. I think everyone of us can do great hospitality!"

Further Insight

In July, 2015 Bobby Stuckey spoke at a DIRECT conference to further talk about the difference between service and hospitality. Bobby himself, reiterates and recaps the conference in his own words, here. We hope you enjoyed listening and learning from an influential peer in the hospitality industry, Thanks! Facebook

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