Blogmas Day 6: The Future of Hotel Entertainment Technology

December 16th 2015

The Future of Hotel Entertainment Technology

Two technology giants are uniting under a strategic partnership to bring the "Home" experience right to your guest's room.


UIEvolutions is known for their ability to engage customer audiences with seamless connectivity and visual displays. Recently DirectTV has partnered with UIEvolutions to offer the ultimate "Welcome Screen" for T.V's throughout the hospitality industry. To learn more about the UIEvolutions Welcome Screen Program, click here. *Due to Recent Updates, Blog Subscribers may be unable to see video when viewing through email.


GuestTek's OneView Media platform allows your guests to take their living room with them on travel visits! Their newest media platform allows for personalized programming services such as DVR, interactive programming guides, and mobile connectivity between hand held devices and the television. For example, guests can easily connect a phone playing their favorite HBO show and broadcast it on the in-room television! To see if OneView Media from GuestTek is right for your hotel, click here to learn more.

What does the partnership mean for the Hospitality Industry?

Importantly for the industry, and prospective hoteliers, the enhanced partnership program addresses the gap between the hospitality industry and tech-savvy Millennials. The partnership should be viewed as an opportunity for the industry to increase revenue, satisfaction, and improve customer relations. Make sure to check out the latest technology that can differentiate your guest experience from other competitors! Resources Used:   View the Latest Hospitality Apps Coming Soon on Day 7! [caption id="attachment_1205" align="alignnone" width="1600"]Christmas_candle_snowman_with_lights Who Doesn't Love the Snowman?[/caption]  

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