Why It’s in Your Best Interest to Accommodate and Assist Your Guests

January 16th 2018

There’s no better way to start off your guests’ stay than by helping them the second they walk through your door. Most guests bring plenty of bags and suitcases with them and, for some, it’s a struggle to carry everything at once. Since the success of your hotel relies on your ability to be hospitable, you’ll want to make it a goal to help all guests with their baggage. Here are the top reasons why it’s in your best interests to handle your guest’s problems.

  1. Guest Comfort & Safety

Your hotel presents an entirely new environment for guests. From different flooring to steps, ramps, and other obstacles, carrying heavy luggage into the hotel lobby can be physically taxing. Prevent guest injuries and discomfort on your property by offering baggage assistance. Guests should be greeted outside by a concierge member. With the proper hotel luggage handling equipment, such as a luggage cart or rack, the concierge member can safely load the guest’s baggage, providing the guest a comfortable and safe check-in experience.
  1. Protection of Property

Guests want to feel safe and secure when they visit your hotel, and this starts with their luggage. Unattended luggage can be stolen or tampered with, especially when the lobby is full of people. Protect your guests’ luggage by using proper hotel luggage handling equipment such as carts and racks to properly store baggage until guests are ready to move into their rooms. This ensures that a guest’s bags aren’t misplaced or potentially tampered with by someone else.
  1. Starting Off with a Good First Impression

Valet and luggage services are the first on-site experiences that guests have with your hotel. Creating a good first impression is pertinent to setting the right tone and mood for each of your guests. By greeting visitors with quality valet and caring luggage services, guests immediately get the feeling that you care about their wellbeing. This is the first step to creating repeat and long-term customers.    

Let Us Help with All of Your Hotel Luggage Handling Needs

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