8 Hotel Housekeeping Tips and Tricks to Make Sure Your Staff Is Prepared

September 30th 2019

Part of running a hotel is ensuring guest satisfaction, which primarily comes from the level of customer service you provide AND the cleanliness of your rooms. Rooms that are well-maintained and kept clean are vital for repeat business and great online reviews.

Since the role of housekeeping in hotels falls to your housekeeping staff, you must make sure they are prepared to do their jobs with these hotel housekeeping tips and tricks.

1. Train Your Staff on all Housekeeping Equipment

Make sure your housekeeping staff knows how to use all housekeeping equipment from commercial vacuum cleaners and housekeeping carts to industrial cleaning products. When your staff knows how to use everything they need to clean hotel rooms, they become more efficient.

2. Train Your Staff How to Clean

two housekeepers talking

Everyone has their own cleaning standards. You need to spend time training your managers and supervisors on the standard of cleaning you want to uphold at your hotel. Your managers and supervisors, once trained, can then train the rest of the housekeeping staff to your standards.

3. Make a Checklist of What Is to Be Cleaned

An effective way to make sure your staff is cleaning rooms to your standards is providing them with a hotel housekeeping checklist. The checklist should detail all the tasks that need to be completed before the room is considered clean.

4. Use Technology to Monitor Cleaning Progress

Take advantage of different apps and technologies to know how efficient your housekeeping staff is at cleaning rooms. Apps and technologies can also give you an idea of potential issues and busy days where you may need to hire more staff.

Additionally, you can have your housekeepers use apps to mark a room clean. Yet, before it is released, the on-duty supervisor or manager can inspect the room to verify it is to your standards and then release the room.

5. Maintain a Stock of Housekeeping Supplies

Make sure your staff has access to the right resources, equipment, and industrial cleaning products by stocking the right housekeeping supplies. This includes all amenity supplies like cups, coffee, soap, shampoo, lotion, etc.

6. Take Daily Inventory Supply Checks

Part of ensuring your housekeeping supplies are stocked is taking daily inventory supply checks. One of your staff should be assigned the responsibility for inventorying the supply closet on their floor and turning in their counts to their supervisor or manager. Your supervisor or manager can then decide if they need to order more housekeeping supplies.

7. Prepare and Stock Housekeeping Carts in the Evening

Part of the tasks for the evening and overnight housekeeping staff should be to stock all housekeeping carts. Doing this task in advance saves your morning housekeepers time so they can get right to work cleaning the rooms.

8. Reward Your Staff with Recognition

housekeeper with cart

Make sure to not overlook rewarding your staff for a job well done. If you get a glowing customer review about staff members, let them know. You can also start incentive programs, like earning extra paid vacation days or some other reward, for being the most efficient, earning the most five-star reviews, etc.

By using these hotel housekeeping tips and tricks, not only can you maintain exceptionally cleaned rooms for your guests but also keep your staff energized and motivated through recognition.

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