5 Travel-Sized Health Products Your Hotel Should Keep on Hand

January 23rd 2020

As a hotel owner or operator, you probably receive a lot of random requests each and every day. You never quite know what your guests will need or want, but you should aim to be prepared for as many of those requests as possible. With that in mind, stock up on travel size health products. National Hospitality Supply carries a selection of Lil Drug Store products at competitive prices. Order today!

#1 – Hand Sanitizer

When traveling, people are always concerned about getting sick. To add a layer of protection against unwanted germs while on the road, many hotel guests turn to hand sanitizer. This is an excellent supply to have on hand at your hotel because it is affordable in travel size and has a long shelf life. While it is used all year long by many people, this item will be particularly popular during cold and flu season.

#2 – Sunscreen

woman on beach with sunscreen

The timing of sunscreen popularity will probably run counter to that of hand sanitizer. While sanitation will be a top priority for guests during the winter months, the summer months bring a different threat—sunburn. Most people know to apply sunscreen when they are going to be out in the sun for long hours on a warm day, but this is an item that’s easy to forget at home. Keep some in stock at your hotel and you can save the day for many travelers.

#3 – Over-the-Counter Medicine

You won’t be selling prescription drugs from your front desk, of course, but you can offer over-the-counter travel medicine that can help people improve their discomfort. A few examples include pain relievers, anti-motion sickness medicine, cold medicine, and heartburn relievers.

#4 – Chapstick

carmex chapstick

This travel-sized health aid is likely to be a popular request no matter the season. Dry air can cause chapped lips, especially if you serve an area where people tend to spend a lot of time outside. Like sunscreen, this is another item that’s easy to forget at home when you head out for a trip, and it’s affordable enough to purchase that stocking up on chapstick won’t make much of a dent in your budget.

#5 – Earplugs

This last item is specific to the hotel environment. While you will hope that most of your guests are going to be quiet and respectful during the nighttime hours, the reality is that some visitors will make more noise than others. Keep a supply of earplugs on hand so you can help the guests who just want some peace and quiet.

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