14 Days Til The Holidays Blogmas

December 12th 2015

Blogmas Event

For the next 14 days, get ready for the Holiday rush with our blogs! Everyday there will be a new blog showcasing a trending topic in the hospitality industry, newly released products, and improved product designs, "treats" that are coming soon in the new year! Happy Holidays to all our customers, the beginning to a great 2016 is just starting!

Day 1: Newest Product Designs Released

This year, we have made a concerted effort to put time and creativity into new product concepts and designs. In 2016, the trend will continue with better products, prices, and promotions to help your hotel, motel, and B&B succeed!

Water Cups Redesigned

Our newest paper water cups are individually wrapped with an emphasis on being Eco-friendly and helping the environment through recycling! Check out the differences between the two designs below. Click here to view the newest water cups (#CCP9)! [gallery ids="722,727" type="slideshow"]

Café Hot Cups Redesigned

A multi-color contemporary design suitable for any hot drink that may be offered in-room or at a complimentary station. Each cup is individually wrapped to assure your guests they haven't been used. Recyclable. Check out the changes below. Click here to view the newest Hot Cups (#WPC9)! [gallery ids="747,748" type="slideshow"]

Traditional Do Not Disturb and Electronic Signs Redesigned

Our redesigned "Do Not Disturb" signs focus on simplicity and easy to read visual cues. We are also excited to introduce "Do Not Disturb" signs for electronic locks, which fit snug into the lock. Help your guests and housekeepers stay on the same page with our newest designs below! Click pictures below for more information. [caption id="attachment_761" align="aligncenter" width="300"]DND Signs For Traditional Doors (#BR38N)[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_762" align="aligncenter" width="350"]NEW SIGNSSSSS For Electronic Locks (#EL4DN)[/caption]  

Ripple Hot Cups Redesigned

Introducing some flare and excitement, our new insulated cups feature a cool-touch ripple wall for comfortable handling of beverages at temperatures as high as 250°F. Individually wrapped and recyclable. Time to get away from the standard brown ripple cup! Click here to view the newest ripple hot cup (#RPC9). [gallery ids="800,801" type="slideshow" link="file"]

Thoughts on the Designs?

From our wonderful staff in the office and warehouse, to our trusted manufacturers, 2015 has been our biggest year yet! We have almost 10,000 different products to choose from now, and in 2016 we will be adding even more! Comment below which designs you like the best!  


[caption id="attachment_833" align="alignnone" width="1024"]4182681328_ef761985dd_b Photo Credit: Will Montague[/caption]    

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