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These Braziers are constructed of a heavy duty commercial gauge 3003 aluminum, which is 4mm thick. They have a durable rim and bottom to stand up against heat or any type of use. Thicker handles make lifting and transporting easy. Matching covers sold separately.

  • 4.0mm, 3/16″ thickness
  • 3003 Aluminum for superior heat distribution
  • Riveted handles designed for strength & durability
  • Wide base & deep-drawn high walls allow for recipe versatility
  • Choose from 18 or 24 quart sizes
  • NSF listed

Additional Details

Durable 4mm thick aluminum core ensures long-lasting performance with constant heating.


  1. CAUTION: allow product to cool before washing
  2. Wash aluminum products with warm water, mild soap and a soft, non-abrasive sponge
  3. After washing, immediately and completely dry with a cloth/paper towel to prevent limescale from forming
  4. To remove cooked-on food residue, boil in water with vinegar for 4 to 5 minutes to loosen, then follow steps 1-3 to wash, rinse & dry.


  • Material 3003 Aluminum
  • Thickness 4mm, 3/16"
  • ABR18 Dimensions 16-3/8" Dia. x 5-1/2" H
  • ABR18 Capacity 18 Quarts
  • APT18C Diameter 16"
  • APT18C Fits 18 Quart Brazier (item ABR18)
  • ABR24 Dimensions 18-3/8" Dia. x 5-3/4" H
  • ABR24 Capacity 24 Quarts
  • NSF Listed Yes
  • APTC80 Diameter 18"
  • APTC80 Fits 24 Quart Brazier (item ABR24)

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