Hotel Sheets / Linens

Wondering which sheets to choose? Learn more about the different types of sheets, thread counts, fabrics and more in our handy Sheet Buying Guide.

Creating the Perfect Triple Sheeting:
1) Cover the mattress with a fitted or a flat sheet. If using a flat sheet, make sure you tuck in the sheet all around the bed.
2) For the second or middle sheet, place it on top of the first, making sure the top hem is even with the top of the mattress.
3) The "warmth layer", a light-weight blanket or duvet, goes on top of the middle sheet but 6 to 8 inches from the top of the bed.
4) Place the third sheet or final layer on top of the "warmth layer", with the hem at the top of the mattress.
5) Fold the two top flat sheets down about six to eight inches. The blanket or duvet should not be in this fold. Then, fold down the two sheets AND blanket another six to eight inches. In short, the sheets are folded twice -- the "warmth layer" only once.
6) Tuck in the top two sheets and the blanket, creating neat corners at the foot of the bed.
7) Add a bed runner(scarf) and pillows to finish the luxurious look.