Square Containers (Lid Included)
16 oz. Square
Item: TGP16S
Pack: 450/Cs
Price: $65.95  cs.
Rectangular Containers (Lid Included)
12 oz. Rectangular
Item: TGP12
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $24.95  cs.
16 oz. Rectangular
Item: TGP16
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $32.95  cs.
24 oz. Rectangular
Item: TGP24
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $32.95  cs.
28 oz. Rectangular
Item: TGP28
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $35.95  cs.
32 oz. Rectangular
Item: TGP32
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $39.95  cs.
38 oz. Rectangular
Item: TGP38
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $39.95  cs.
50 oz. Rectangular
Item: TGP50
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $56.95  cs.
84 oz. Rectangular
Item: TGP84
Pack: 60/Cs
Price: $45.95  cs.
Round Containers
16 oz. Round
Item: TGP16R
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $25.95  cs.
24 oz. Round
Item: TGP24R
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $29.95  cs.
32 oz. Round
Item: TGP32R
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $39.95  cs.
38 oz. Round
Item: TGP38R
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $39.95  cs.
48 oz. Round
Item: TGP48R
Pack: 150/Cs
Price: $59.95  cs.
Portion Cups & Lids
2 oz. Black Portion Cup
Item: TGP2
Pack: 2500/Cs
Price: $36.95  cs.
Clear Lid for 2 oz. Portion Cup
Item: TGP2L
Pack: 2500/Cs
Price: $32.95  cs.
3.25 oz. Black Portion Cup
Item: TGP325
Pack: 2500/Cs
Price: $54.95  cs.
Clear Lid for 3.25 oz. Portion Cup
Item: TGP325L
Pack: 2500/Cs
Price: $39.95  cs.
5.5 oz. Clear Plastic Portion Cup w/ Clear Lid
Item: TGP55
Pack: 1000/Cs
Price: $42.95  cs.
No specifications listed.
No shipping details listed.
PLASTIC CONTAINERS" data-url="/product/tgp16s_c" data-image-url="/images/uploads/to_go_elegance_microwaveable_rectangular_containers_2_lrg.jpg" data-description="New black microwaveable containers feature a tight fitting lid which makes them ideal for to go foods. These elegant containers can handle anything hot or cold. Available in an assortment of sizes in square, rectangular or round.
See Product Details Below for Additional Information. Sold and Priced by the Case.
  • BPA free
  • Recyclable
  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe
Shipping: Typically Ships within 3-5 Business Days

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