Blogmas Day 7: Must Have Hotel Apps for 2016

December 17th 2015

A Growing Statistic

As of May 2015, comScore, an internet analytic company for technology stated that 189.7 million people in the U.S own a smartphone. The number of smartphones is only estimated to grow! Currently, smartphones account for over 75% of the overall market penetration for mobile phones. Statista, has performed research using over 18,000 sources to provide an estimate that in 2019, 236.8 million people in the U.S will own a smartphone. Keep in mind, just five years ago only 62.6 million possessed a smartphone!

Apps for Hotels

As technology becomes more applicable and user friendly for all generations, apps will have more of a presence in the hospitality industry. Currently, several apps have been created to improve guest experiences and enable hoteliers and restaurant managers to perform tasks right from their mobile devices. Take a look below at the best available apps for 2016!

Apps for Guest Experience

LoungeUp  LoungeUp is an excellent app that allows guests the access to local information, hotel specific information, and hotel attractions in the area. Furthermore, hoteliers can program the app to send notifications and messages straight to the guest's phone to alert them of anything fun and interesting happening around the hotel. LoungeUp is the mobile guest portal and concierge of the future! Conrad Concierge Hilton Worldwide designed their very own app for all their guest's needs. Hoteliers can use Conrad Concierge as an example of what the power of an application can provide. Guests at all Hilton Hotels can check in/check out, request room service, reserve a dinner table, and access information regarding the local area all from their smartphones. Check out the app by clicking here.

Apps for Hoteliers & Restaurant Managers

Cangrade Tired of spending money on high employee turnover rates? Cangrade is an automated talent and management platform that combines complex data points from over 200,000 employees and utilizes key personality traits as a predictor for work performance. Check it out, here. OneTab OneTab is the future of bar tabs across America. The app acts as a convenient, fast, and secure mobile payment system for transaction processes between customers and staff. As a OneTab certified restaurant, your location will appear on phones of millions of users as a destination to go to! Easily allow your guests to open, close, and pay tabs right from their phones. Click on the video below!   ShiftPlanning With part time workers, odd shifts, and a large work force, making a staffing roster can be a nuisance. ShiftPlanning takes care of the hassle by allowing managers and staff to set and access their rosters at any time. Your staff no longer has an excuse to not know when they're suppose to work! Watch how the Chambar Restaurant has benefited from using ShiftPlanning!   Restaurant Order Tracking KaryaTechnologies Inc. has developed a mobile app that enhances the efficiency and accuracy of all staff within the restaurant. Integrate the app into any restaurant system and see how the app enables quick ordering, reduces time-to-serve and eliminates errors between customers and payment. Here is how the features can be utilized in the restaurant.
  • Front Desk: Check status, reserve tables, take orders for delivery, send request to kitchen
  • Waiter Desk: Serve table, send order to kitchen, punch out
  • Kitchen Desk: Update status of ordered dishes to waiters
Kashoo Perfect for small businesses that want a software easier to use than even QuickBooks, Kashoo provides managers and accountants with one system, all in one location. From quick entry, to invoices, to tax payments, reporting has never been easier! See the newest update video below.    

Browse the App Store

Applications have continued to improve and become more reliable. The Apple and Android App stores have hundreds of high quality apps that can make tedious tasks, stress free. See which apps can work for your hotel or restaurant today! Thanks for Reading! Blogmas Day 8 is coming soon! [caption id="attachment_1334" align="alignnone" width="1920"]red-winter-spices-decoration What smells better than cinnamon?[/caption]    

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